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Dura Grappler® H/T
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Dura Grappler® H/T

A highway terrain SUV tyre, the Nitto Dura Grappler® H/T is engineered specifically for the needs of four wheel drive and SUV drivers. Suited to the demands of heavy-duty vehicles, with no compromise on ride quality, the Dura Grappler’s quiet four rib tread design and exceptional balance means a noiseless ride and class leading comfort. The compound, multi slanted block pattern and stiff construction is suitable for a range of 4x4, utility and SUV vehicles and delivers extended tread life, offering excellent high speed stability and predictable handling.

Key Features

  • Wide tread and square profile - Longer tread life and prevention of irregular wear

  • Jointless edge ply - High-speed stability and a better balanced, uniform tyre

  • Multi-slanted blocks and siping - Excellent traction

  • Dual sidewall designs with rim protector - Unique sidewall designs

  • High stiffness bead filler - Excellent handling performance and high-speed stability

  • Rib pattern and high stiffness rib - Low noise and wear-resistance

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