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The air conditioning system in your vehicle isn’t just used for keeping cool. The demisters in your car often rely on dehumidified, air conditioned air in order to help keep your windows clear.

If your air conditioning isn’t as effective as it should be, or isn’t as cold as it used to be, there’s a chance that it requires an inspection and service.

There are many interconnected parts that make up an air conditioning system in a vehicle, and while they’re individually fairly simple, the whole system needs to work together to function well.

Professional air conditioning servicing.

If you’re looking for local experts in Morningside to handle all of your vehicle air conditioning servicing and maintenance. We can diagnose and repair all the common forms of air conditioning issues in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Reach out to the team today by calling 07 3217 9633 or by visiting our workshop, to book your vehicle in for a checkup!

Air conditioning being inspected in vehicle