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The qualified and experienced technicians at Tyre and Auto Servicing offer mechanical servicing, for most makes and models, to those in Morningside, Murarrie, Hawthorn, Bulimba and Morningside and surrouding areas. Regular mechanical servicing has many associated benefits, including enhanced vehicle safety, reduced fuel consumption and extended engine life.

If your vehicle is in need of mechanical servicing, minor or major, contact us.

When to book mechanical services

Vehicle manufacturer’s will generally recommend that you have your vehicle serviced every 6 months, or 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. For information specific to the make and model of your vehicle you can refer to the owner’s manual.

Some mechanical services are minor, such as checking the oil filter and an engine oil change. Other mechanical services are considered major, such as replacing spark plugs, fuel filters and timing belts.

Scheduled mechanical servicing is referred to as log book servicing, but there may be other instances where your vehicle requires attention. If you suspect there is a mechanical issue with your vehicle, don’t put off having it seen to by a professional.

How to book mechanical services in Morningside

You can book your next mechanical service with Tyre and Auto Servicing by phoning 07 3217 9633, or book now. We are a fully qualified service centre and can complete logbook servicing without affecting your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our qualified technicians will do all the necessary log book checks and repairs to ensure that your vehicle is serviced to the highest standard.

Mechanic inspecting vehicle