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Engine Repairs

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A diagnostic and tune up at Tyre and Auto Servicing can help to ensure that everything under the hood of your vehicle is performing as it should!

When to book an engine repair service

If the check engine light has suddenly lit up on the dashboard of your vehicle, contact us to book your vehicle in for a service. Our technicians can conduct an in-depth engine diagnostic to identify issues with timing, air-fuel ratios, variable timing and more.

Other indicators that your vehicle may require an engine repair include idling and stalling, and issues with getting your vehicle to start.

How to book an engine repair in Morningside

To book your vehicle for an engine diagnostic and repair service, phone us on 07 3217 9633, or you can also book now. Our qualified technicians can perform the necessary repairs on most makes and models to get your vehicle performing effectively and efficiently once more.

Engine repair